Owning MY purpose

For so many years, I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety in my life. Skeptical of the idea of sharing my testimony with others, many can confirm my evolution through challenges in my life as well as my health. This is not to say I’m perfect, however different outcomes could have presented itself throughtout my wellness journey.

This is my story, prayerfully I can share & inspire others.

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Snow Covered Trees

“Life is a feeling process”

Situations allow us to choose how we appreciate life.

The choice is yours….

Welcome to Digital Street

Over the years, many defining circumstances have occurred in my life: death, new atmospheres & my health have allowed me to learn who I am. Well… I am Kenecia, a Lady on a journey wandering through adulthood. Life events have allowed me to follow a path through wellness by learning more about myself with difference experiences. During my wellness journey, the core components connect like streets through my mind, body & soul. My goal is to share my experiences & knowledge with those who struggle with knowing who they are on their path.

Soma Way

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Divine Road

That’s my Attitude Boulevard

Fit-In Avenue

Highbrow Lane

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“Wellness in all aspects”

Soma Way

Awareness of the body by improving or maintaining through fitness, food intake, etc.

Divine Road

There’s a high power that allows us to be free with ourselves through spiritual connections & guidance on our path.

Fit-In Avenue

Maintaining positive relationships through an evolving persona including workplace, social media, etc.

Grey Street Light Under Blue Sky With White Clouds

“Wellness in all aspects”

That’s my Attitude Boulevard

Identifying & expressing feelings with control. Accepting & managing emotions through different situations.

Divine rd.

Going places & seeing things

Since a child, I was on road-trips from Alabama to Ohio and vice versa… These were normal especially during the summer. As a teen, I would enjoy summers either in the south or travel basketball team. This stuck with me growing into a young adult so much that the day after my 21st birthday, I drove to Montgomery, AL where I spent my many amazing years at The Alabama State University. Although I was able to travel many cities with my business fraternity winning awards, a month long trip to South Korea with the University that expanded & opened my mind. The thought of the world being this big and beautiful, I craved for the opportunity to see more.

One weekend in Seoul allowed me to solo travel to meet my college best friend, meaning take a 2 hour bus from Ulsan to Seoul. This time allowed me to branch out & see things on my own, which I was afraid of doing as a black woman internationally. Being myself & experiencing places most would never get to see, I was honored & grateful God allowed me this experience. This was one of my fave memories of traveling, it allowed me the confidence to travel solo which inspired me to do more within the states. Traveling has always been apart of me, seeing different views & discovering new experiences gives a sense of joy & peace in my life.

A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

Learning to be present and allowing myself to feel my emotions; I can only control what I can.

Soma Way

Embracing a New Balance

Physically, I’ve always been very athletic. In 2016, I began a journey through practicing yoga. Yoga allowed me to be present with myself, to extend my limits by breathing through poses. Practicing yoga helped me understand and control my anxiety through being present and using different breathing techniques.

Good for the Soul

I remember days when I would sit in the kitchen watching my mom, great grandma & aunt cooking. Sometimes all at once, but most times individually. I would be the taste tester and even sous chef in some of their dishes. I feel blessed to be able to call my mom for recipes, but also creating my own recipes.

“Spirit it’s an invisible force made visible in all life”

~ Maya Angelou

That’s My Attitude Boulevard

Peace of mind

When I was a teen, I couldn’t wait to be an adult. Being able to do what you want, free from ‘parents rules’.

Little did I know adulting is full of responsibilities and manuevering thru life’s traffic. Traffic fueled with juggling fun experiences with fear & overthinking of the unknown. Through the help of counseling, I’ve been able to block out traffic through finding peaceful places. These ‘happy places’ allow me to just exist while enjoying a beautiful view, journaling or yummy snack. When the world is loud, find a quiet place for yourself that brings comfort.

Certain views give a peaceful vibe to where you have to just stop & acknowledge what God has created. During the pandemic I came across a beautiful field full of sunflowers, these remind me of my grandmother who passed away when I was three years young.

I vaguely remember her, but spiritually my connection to her grew stronger through my 35th year around the sun. Ironically, this was the same age she when she passed suddenly, I associated the sunflower field with our connection. Knowing she left this earth quite young gives me additional strength to continue my journey & be at peace with life’s traffic while enjoying my happy places.

That’s my Attitude Boulevard

Grieving through the holidays

As we conclude 2023 with family time & holidays, I must bring awareness to those grieving through the loss of family members. Know that you are not alone, holidays are very difficult for me & my family.

However, I challenge you to reflect & acknowledge your grief into more positive outlets:

  • 30-minute walk or workout
  • Journal/Pray/Meditate
  • Watch/listen to a favorite show/song
  • Read a book

Soma Way


This recipe is one of my favorites, it’s a simple healthy soul food dish. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A & C while also providing a good source of fiber. Although it is described as muffins, this recipe could easily be made as a pan of sweet potato cornbread.

Being in the south, I’ve always enjoyed some amazing food! Hot water cornbread with collard greens was apart of a lot of Sunday dinners. My family has enjoyed these muffins more each holiday, and that jus warms my heart.

Enjoy this recipe as a side dish or with some chilli this fall.

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